General FAQ

What can I use Indiid for? can be used to log in to other websites on the Internet or on an organisation's internal network. One account on can be used to access many other sites, securely and privately (we only share the information you say we can). Indiid's Single Sign On lets you use you password or other credentials once a day, and then log in to other sites without any more effort.

Which websites can I log in to with Indiid?

Indiid can be used to log in to any website that supports Persona or OpenID [These protocols have not been enabled yet on - we plan to make them available soon] and any website that supports SAML when both it and Indiid have been configured to trust each other. Many 'cloud' business services support SAML, and SAML is widely used by education and research resources and organisations. You can see a list of some of the available websites on Indiid Explore.

Can I access all education and research websites?

No - you can only access eresources that have been configured to accept and either permit free access or have a licensing agreement with We hope to arrange paid access to many more research websites, but these will require an additional payment.

Why can't I use old Internet Explorer web browsers?

We won't stop you from trying to use old Internet Explorer web browsers but they may not work correctly; they have numerous bugs, incompatibilities and security weaknesses. IE10 and above should work fine, as Microsoft have made a lot of changes to bring their browsers back up to a decent level. If you are using Windows XP and can't upgrade to a more recent Windows or switch to using Linux then you should try Google's Chrome.



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